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Milan Silver - Oops Clamp - Money Clamp

Milan Silver - Oops Clamp

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What is an Oops Money Clamp do you ask? First lets just say, we are not perfect but we do expect to provide customers with a perfectly etched (engraved) item when purchased.  At times the engraving just is not up to our standards so we do not ship the item.  

This is where you come in, if you want a Money Clamp, but do not mind its not perfect, you WIN, you get the chance to own a Money Clamp that is 100% fully functional for a fraction of the price.  

Please note:  The Oops clamps do not come with the lifetime limited warranty they are sold as is.

We will grab the best looking clamp from inventory, and send it to you.  Please note, it will have either a logo, someone's monogram, or something else. 

The Image below is an image of our stock photo from the website.  We will update with an example ASAP.

Item is for the clamp only, does not include the wallet


Our Milan Money Clamp encompasses everything you need in a money clip; it’s affordable, durable, and embodies a simple elegance that will make you feel proud to pull it out at any establishment.

Clamp Specs: 3.35″ x 1.30″ x .67″, 3.0 oz
Material: Zinc alloy with Double Silver Plating